How to Return a Spark to a Relationship

How to Return a Spark to a Relationship

The spark in a relationship begins to fade over time. This time is different for different couples and can last from a month up to an average of 5-6 years. You can still remember the time you’ve registered on this site to find love and now you already start feeling spark. The time it takes for the spark to die depends on the circumstances in your life such as work and how much time you spend together. If you pay attention to what’s going on in a relationship, you should be able to tell when the spark starts dying. Indications of these include an unhappy sex life with your partner, spending less time together, and not being as intimate as when you just started dating on an online dating service.

Reasons to Try to Reignite The Spark In Your Relationship

You don’t have to despair once you realize that your relationship isn’t like what it used to be when you met your spouse on an online dating site. Remember that there is hope for you to reignite it. But how do you know when to call it to try to bring back the spark in a relationship? Some of the reasons to try include:

  • You still love the person,
  • Hope for change,
  • For the love that once was,
  • You have come a long way,
  • For your kids.

Another reason why some couples decide to try is the unbearable feeling that someone else could make your spouse happy. This feeling of jealousy prompts some people to try to bring back the flame of passion into their dating life. Also fear that you may not find a woman or man on a dating site like your current partner is another factor that propels people to make things in a relationship hot.

So, How to Return a Spark?

Once you have made up your decision that you still want to be with your partner, it’s time to get down to work. Keep in mind that it may not be easy but it’ll be worth it. Here are some ways in which you can relight the spark in your relationship.

Go back to the start – Try to remember what it is that made you start dating your current partner. Even though people change over time, you are most likely to still find the qualities that attracted you to your spouse when you met on a dating service. If some of the things you loved are missing you can always try to fall in love again. This gives you the same feeling as you had before.

Spend more time together – Most people start losing their spark when they spend less time together. The less time you spend together the more the space between you grows. Whether it’s work or taking care of your family, quality time is important. If you have a tight work schedule try to make some time on weekends where you can just be the two of you. Plan for this so that nothing would prevent you from being together. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to activities you do together. It can be something as simple as watching a movie and going on a dinner date. You can also decide to take a trip out of time. Sometimes a change in environment is all you need. It’s also important to do activities that both of you love.

Sleep together – Sleeping together shows that you appreciate your spouse. Even when you have problems try to still sleep together. Sleeping in separate beds can make it harder to talk about and resolve conflicts. What starts like nothing may soon become a habit that is difficult to stop. Sleeping in the same bed is a sign of good communication in your relationship.

Give compliments – Sometimes all that you need is to hear something positive from your partner. So try to notice the smallest things and give compliments. This shows that you appreciate each other. Giving compliments also increases your partner’s self-confidence. So instead of always seeing the negative side, try to see the positive things about your partner. When you give compliments, it creates a lovely moment in your relationship.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable – It is only when you are vulnerable that you let people in your life. The same applies for when you want to reignite the spark with your partner. Allow yourself to be free and express your emotions before your spouse. Even though it might be difficult, it’ll be a great way of keeping your relationship.

Have regular sex – Regular sex allows you to maintain intimacy in your relationship. Couples that have sex on a regular basis are able to maintain a level of intimacy that lasts for years. Sex should be a moment for both of you to connect with each other.

Regular conversations – Stop assuming that your partner knows what’s wrong. When you are not happy about something talk about it. Open up about how you feel. Talking about things is another way to connect and stay together.

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